Tuesday, 7 August 2012



Biharinath is a beautiful spot. Away from chaos, in the mid of nature with full of silence. Abhijit and Sugata started from Howrah railway station by Satabdi Express in the morning for Ranigunge. It took around two hours. Biharinath was an hour away from there by a hired cab through Mejia and Pabra. The journey was beautiful through the bridge over Damodar and many tribal villages. Ups and downs, undulations and small hills with valleys. Greens and water bodies without the touch of modern times. Muddy red roads with bullock carts showed the way to Biharinath Hill. Apu and Shankar came from Kharagpur through Bankura and Saltora. Biharinath is also accessible from Asansol through Madhukunda. Only a private accommodation is available. But the lodge is extremely nice with full of amenities which sometimes are not available in big cities. Very neat and clean with a dedicated scanty man power. Food is tasty but costly, may be due to its isolation and distance.

Biharinath is really the abode of peace. The scenic beauty of the surrounding and the silence of the ambience is mesmerizing. A small shiva temple in the foothill put a religious importance to the place. The temple is surrounded by a few water bodies. The temple bells added a different beauty to the silence of the time. The nearest human habitat is at a distance of two km from the spot. Different types of birds and butterflies are another enjoyment. If luck favours then different wild animals can come to your vicinity. The silent nights are even beautiful with illuminated IISCO at the northern horizon. Morning came with the tweeting of birds. Trekking to the summit of Biharinath was a joyous experiment. It was only 1485 ft high. Local tribal people can be engaged for guidance. Biharinath takes different colours in different seasons. In rain it is extremely green, but in winter it is red with ‘palash’ and ‘simul’. The memories of lightning and the sound of rain breaking the dark nights of biharinath will always stay behind in minds.  

Shankar, Abhijit and Sugata returned through Asansol. While returning they went to Garh Panchakot and Panchet Dam. Baronti and Mython Dam are also very close. Apu returned to Medinipur through Sarbabi More, Raghunathpur and Adra. Abhijit and Sugata returned Kolkata in the night by Volvo service. Again in the chaos, pollution and daily frantic dull life – but with the beautiful memories of Biharinath. Biharinath will rejuvenate their mind and soul for a long time. 




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